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Leadership Team


Lead Pastor - James Jones

In June of 2022 James joined the Grace Chapel team. His passion is to see Jesus come into the lives of as many people as possible and equip them for ministry. James and his wife Peggy have 3 rockstar kids Shaylin, Ashleigh and Cameron. He has served in a number of different pastoral roles in Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, California and the Carolinas, in a variety of settings from Church planting to larger congregations. He holds a bachelors in both biblical studies and music performance from Lipscomb University and a master's in theology and ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. James is excited to be serving at Grace Chapel.

Management Team Chair - Gary Stewart

Our management team are a group of men and women who carry the responsibility of the daily operations of the Church.  Whether that be a need in our facility, overseeing the budget and expenditures and providing a plurality of leadership and responsibility. The Lead Pastor serves in a spiritual and visionary advisement and discipleship role with the management team, and together,  we continually explore God's vision for Grace Chapel.

Deacon Ministry Team Chair - Clayton Fertick

Our Deacon Ministry Team serve as spiritual shepherds, providing pastoral support to James in caring for the Grace Chapel family. These men pray diligently for everyone and assist pastor James in things such as teaching, hospital and home visits and also serves a source of wisdom to both James and the management team as we explore visionary direction for the ministry.

Communications and Administration Director - Debbie Flowers

Debbie assists Pastor James in helping people engage and get involved at Grace Chapel.  From helping newcomers find their place to members getting more involved and engaged, this vital role helps every person take their next step at Grace Chapel.



Community Leadership

Children's Ministry Coordinator - Carey Odum

From nursery through elementary, Carey and her co-leaders, April Whitman and Rachel Crelly,  work diligently to create dynamic, safe and engaging spaces for your children to experience a home like environment and the hope of Jesus. 

Teen Ministry Coordinator - Casey Cuthill

Casey and his team strive to create opportunities for pre teen and teenagers at Grace Chapel to grow together and to grow      

in the wisdom of God's word. With weekly gathering time and a variety of monthly activities, there is a place for your youth to find community, belonging and encouragement.


Legacy Builders Coordinator (Seniors Ministry) - Beverly Schumpert

Grace Chapel is blessed to have literally all ages and stages of life represented.  As we strive to reach teens, young adults and

families with young children, the last thing we want to do is to back away from ministering to all ages.  We have a thriving seniors group at Grace Chapel.  With study gatherings, frequent trips and activities in the community, you will find a tremendous community of people.  

Men's Ministry Coordinators - Mike Areheart and Tim Nelson

Mike has a passion for seeing men connect and grow together in faith. We strive to have monthly or bi-monthly activities or gatherings where men can find a place to be themselves.

Women's Ministry Coordinator - Teresa Areheart  

Teresa is also passionate to see the women of Grace find belonging, community and family by creating environments for connection as well as learning and growth in their faith journey.

Equipping and Worship Leadership

Worship Ministry Coordinators - Jill Cuthill and Mackenzie Fulmer

Jill and Mackenzie work incredibly hard to foster and environment for the people of Grace Chapel to express their love, adoration and appreciation to God for all that He has done and continues to do.  Our worship mixes fresh new song expressions and timeless hymns in order to engage everyone.

Production Team Lead - Jennifer Ditch

When we gather each Sunday for special events, we seek to communicate in a relevant, dynamic and engaging way.  Jennifer is a rock star who strives to ensure we are using all the tools at our disposal to communicate the timeless message of love and hope that Jesus brings.

Equipping Ministry Team - Sheri Stewart and Teresa Areheart

Sheri and Teresa's passion is to help you get involved at Grace Chapel.  There are so many opportunities for people of every age and background to begin volunteering and serving. They will come along side you and help you find that place. As we continue to grow, the need for building our ministry teams will continue to be there and we are so thankful we have a duo like them to help us in that process.

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