Approved November 8, 2011


The Grace Chapel Church Cemetery Committee and the Management Board will maintain this policy.  Any appeals of the policy must be submitted in writing to the Cemetery Committee and their decision in consultation with the Management Board will be accepted as the final word regarding the matter at hand.




Active church member

Someone at the time of death meets at least two of the following criteria:


  • Listed on the church roll

  • Attends church services regularly (at least once a month) unless homebound by illness

  • Makes regular financial contributions to the church (at least quarterly).

  • Elected as pastor or pastor’s spouse (active or retired)


Non-active church member
Someone at the time of death meets at least two of the following criteria:


  • Listed on the church roll but seldom or never attends church (less than once a month).

  • A former member of Grace Chapel for at least five years as verified by church rolls

  • Not making regular contributions to Grace Chapel (at least quarterly).



  • Any active church member reserves the privilege to receive a church burial plot free of charge.

  • Any spouse, child (up to age 18), or mentally handicapped dependent of an active church member reserves the privilege to receive a church burial plot free of charge.

  • A non-active church member at the time of their death will be permitted to receive a church burial plot for a fee of $1,000.

  • No other individuals will have the opportunity to be buried in the church cemetery.



At the time of death, either the family or funeral home will contact the Cemetery Committee to verify the availability of the burial plot and to make arrangements for having the grave marked prior to excavation.


After the funeral, it is the responsibility of the family to remove flowers, etc. from the grave.  In the event these have not been removed in a timely manner, the cemetery committee will remove and dispose of all items from the graves that have become unsightly.

A permanent marker must be in place no later than 1 year from the date of burial (grave plots or cremains plots). The size of the marker must be approved by the Cemetery Committee and the monument company must coordinate with the Cemetery Committee prior to delivery/installation to verify placement of monument. Footstone monuments are also permitted and must be kept at no more than 1” above ground level.


No mausoleum or above-ground crypt will be allowed in the church cemetery.


While coping and gravel have been permitted in the past, no new coping or gravel will be permitted in the cemetery.


Every effort is made to care for the monuments/coping installed. In the event damages are sustained (including breakage); Grace Chapel is not responsible for repair or replacement.


Plants, shrubbery, or trees of any sort are not permitted to be planted in the church cemetery.  Maintenance of lawn, plants, and fencing will be performed at the discretion of the cemetery committee.


Flowers, flags, and other ornaments are to be maintained by the family of the deceased.  In the event these items become worn or unsightly, they will be removed by the cemetery committee.


The church cemetery committee will maintain the numbered cemetery plot map.


Burial plots will be 4’ x 10’. Plots for cremains will be 3’ x 3’.  As many as two individuals may be placed into a single plot for cremains.


The use of a vault or grave liner is required.


All proceeds collected from burial expenses or money given “in honor of” will be deposited into the church general fund.


This policy shall be in force upon approval by the church at a called business meeting.  The policy enforcement date will be listed as the Approved Date of this policy.




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