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How great you are, O Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you.

2 Samuel 7:22

In 1904, a man named William Borden graduated from high school in Chicago. The son of wealthy parents, he was well cared for. He grew up comfortably, and could very easily have become spoiled. For his graduation gift, his parents gave him a trip around the world. But while he was traveling through Asia and Europe, he began to feel the Lord working in his heart. Finally, he wrote home telling his parents of his desire to be a missionary. One of William's friends told him that he was throwing away his life for missions. In the back of his Bible, he wrote two words: "No reserves."

In college, he showed a maturity and leadership beyond his years. After he graduated from Yale, he turned down several high paying jobs. He wrote two more words in the back of that Bible: “No retreats." After seminary, he was looking to work with Muslims, so he went to Egypt to study Arabic. While in Egypt, Borden contacted spinal meningitis. Within a month, 25 year old William Borden was dead. He was mourned all over the United States. Still people said that he threw his life away for ministry. But he didn't think so. In the back of William Borden's Bible it said this: "No reserves. No retreats. No regrets."

Notice that Borden had no secret motives. He wasn't looking to be celebrated. But because he glorified God in everything he did, God glorified him among men. He lived the good life. He went out everyday with the desire to represent Jesus Christ to the best of his ability - which should be what we strive for. He lived the life of a servant, and by carrying his cross daily he allowed his cross to carry him through.

If someone lives a life like the life of Christ, they are going to be persecuted. And the sad thing is that persecution isn't just from nonbelievers. Many Christians today tend to love and support the concept of living like Christ, while judging those who actually attempt to do so. But we're called to go out into the wild places, supporting each other as brothers and sisters, until the Lord calls us home. We're called to live a Christ-centered life, glorifying Him in everything we do. That's our purpose. That's why we're here.

Jonathan Edwards often wrote of God's love for us, and His deliverance of us from our sin. This excerpt comes from "God Glorified in Man's Dependence." This was the first sermon ever published by Jonathan Edwards.

"Thus God has given us the Redeemer, and it is by him that our good is purchased. So God is the Redeemer and the price; and he also is the good purchased. So that all that we have is of God, and through him, and in him. "For of him, and through him, and to him, or in him, are all things. (Rom. xii. 36)" The same in the Greek that is here rendered to him, is rendered in him, 1 Cor. viii. 6."

It's all about God. Whatever glorifying Him looks like to you. Whether that's standing by the road with a sign proclaiming Jesus' name, or just listening to Christian music in the car with nonbelievers, if you aren't making Jesus visible through you, then pray for courage and more opportunity. But don't remain stagnant in your ability to share the good news of the Gospel. Always look to better yourself, because the more visible you make God in your life, the brighter that Light is going to shine.

Clayton Fertick is a student at Lander University, and a student leader at Grace Chapel.

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