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A Prayer Praising God for His Love and Grace

Loving Father,

How we are filled with joy when we think about how much you love us – when we consider how deep your love is for us.

“How vast beyond all measure . . . that you would give your only Son to make a wretch your treasure.”

You did that for scoffers whose sin held my Lord on that cross.

You give us new life through Jesus even though we often choose the old ways of sin and death.

You show us love that cannot be calculated even though we selfishly refuse to love our neighbor as ourselves. You have made treasures out of wretches, and still we dare to look down on others who are made in your image – who are a treasure to you.

With all that we know of our hearts we say that we love You – that You are our treasure – that you are our vision and joy in life – and that we desire nothing else more than you.

But we also know that in our broken hearts we too often make treasures out of the trinkets of this world. Too often we have a greater desire for the stuff of this life than the “exceeding great joy” that Jesus came to earth to give us.

Father, please forgive us. Don’t stop overwhelming us with your extravagant love and amazing grace. Help us to give the same value to things in this life that you give to them.

Holy Spirit, work in us and help us be loving like Jesus, a servant of others like Jesus, to not think of ourselves like Jesus, and to be obedient to the Father like Jesus.

No matter the troubles of today or the uncertainties of tomorrow, keep our eyes open to the evidence of Your goodness every day. Help us remember that your great love is never-ending and never-failing. Help us learn to squelch our doubts and worries with thanksgiving and praise.

And remind us, Father, whenever we feel alone, that you have promised never to leave us or forsake us. Jesus’ suffering, death, and glorious resurrection assure us that You will always be with us.

And so, it is because of Him – and through Him – that we boldly and confidently and gratefully offer our prayer.


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