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  • L. O. "Rusty" Rabon, Jr.

Lord Jesus, Pray for Me

A devotional thought and prayer for Maundy Thursday

Romans 8:34 ESV

Christ Jesus is the one who died . . . who indeed is interceding for us.


On Maundy Thursday, we reflect on our Lord’s suffering the night before his crucifixion. He celebrated the Passover meal with the apostles, knowing that he himself was the true Paschal Lamb. He gave final words of instruction to the apostles, and then prayed for their unity and courage – and ours – all the while knowing the agony ahead for him in just a few hours. What selfless, amazing love!

We know now what the apostles did not know then. The crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross was not the end. And we know that, today, Jesus is in heaven praying for us to the Father. This should encourage us. As the church father John Chrysostom put it: "If, then, the Spirit even “makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered” (Romans 8:26), and Christ died and intercedes for us, and the Father “spared not His own Son” for you (Romans 8:32), elected you, and justified you, why be afraid any longer? Why tremble, when you are the recipient of such vast love, and God shows such great concern for you?" [i]

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

The hardest part you’ve done,

Obeying God the Father

When He gave his only Son.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

Your pleadings are my hope,

To know the peace and love and joy

That’s promised here below.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

Your resurrection proves

All power and authority

Forever rests in you.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

There seated on your throne,

The grace and strength I need for life

Are giv’n by you alone.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

For You are life itself;

The Fount of every blessing

And the Source who gives us health.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

Anointed Son of God;

Condemned to death, you saved us

And delivered from the rod.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

The fullness of your love

Is seen from cross to tomb,

To sending us the heav’nly Dove.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

What need have I to fear?

Why tremble, when your promises

Prove that you’re always near.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

Your loving child I am;

Secure in life and death

Because of you, the Paschal Lamb.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!

Your witness I will be;

Elected, justified, redeemed;

I’ll live my life for Thee.

[i] “Commentary on Romans 8:34,” John Chrysostom. Daily Readings: The Early Church Fathers, edited by Nick Needham. Ross-shire, Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, 2017, January 14.

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