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Worship @ Grace

As we prepare for Homecoming Sunday this weekend, Oct. 16th, I mentioned in the last message that we are preparing to worship together and I urged everyone to go on the website, check out that tab and listen to some of the songs coming up. This will get you ready to participate fully when you are there. For Homecoming Sunday we are taking a walk through several different eras of worship that Grace Chapel has experienced. God has moved through all of them and He is ready to move again in this new generation. So check out the links below as you prepare.  Pastor James

House of the Lord.jpeg

Song 1

House Of The Lord

Music and Lyrics by Phil Wickham

This modern worship song celebrates the Church today and what God is doing to build His house.

Song 2

I'll Fly Away / Victory In Jesus

This takes us back to the roots of Grace Chapel, a Church born of adversity in 1940.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 6.45.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 6.49.16 PM.png

Song 3

He Is Mine

This song takes us back to the mid 1990's when Singers of Grace frequently led worship and performed at Grace Chapel and throughout the area.

Song 4

Heart of Worship / Shout To The Lord

Heart of worship

Shout to the Lord


These anthems of the mid 1990's were part of a new worship movement with a fresh generation of song writers and psalmists discovering new ways to express love back to God.

That is just part of what to expect in our time together but we will leave the rest as a surprise.

See you all at 10:30 am at Grace Chapel,

663 Dixiana Rd.

West Columbia 

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